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Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark

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Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark - in North Jutland is a great place to spend a holiday. Along the coast, in the dunes and right by the North Sea you will find excellent accommodations. Here you are also able to meet the friendly Danes and experience the great hospitality. You will find Denmark's large amusement park Fårup Sommerland, a variety of events and one of the best beaches in Denmark. The magnificent nature is perfect for an active holiday - hiking or by mountainbike and the beautiful views towards the North Sea impresses everyone.

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In Jammerbugten the most popular holidayresorts are Blokhus-Hune and Slettestrand-Svinkløv but along the whole coastline and also by the Limfjord there is a lot of beautiful holidayareas, you can visit


Blokhus is a unique treasure - a cozy little town - which offers one of Northern Europe’s best beaches with fine white sand, tall dunes and a roaring, blue ocean.


Thorupstrand is a living cultural environment and the Northern Europe’s greatest coast landing sites. Thorupstrand is the largest coast landing site in Northern Europe. Fishing boats are still pulled up on the beach, and 19 boats and 30 fishermen are committed to the place.

Slettestrand - Svinkløv

At Slettestrand - Svinkløv you can discover historic seaside hotels and a maritime culture. You can enjoy the tranquillity, have unique nature experiences or a delicious local taste experience, or be active in the dune plantation. You'll find one of the best mountainbike tracks in Denmark.

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See a list with the major events in Jammerbugten. You will be able to experience lots of festivals, markets, exercise and pure entertainment

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Calendar with all events. Music, markets, festivals, exhibitions, guided tours and much more.

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Experience nature and an authentic seaside town atmosphere The best tips when you travelling 2 together. Jammerbugten offers a wealth of unique landsc...

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Find the best tips for family-friendly activities for both older and younger children - and parents can join in as well!

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