Drenge bader i Blokhus

Information on safe bathing

Photo: VisitJammerbugten


Bathing in the North Sea can be a danger. The sea can in some places turn into deep and wind and weather conditions can make bathing dangerous.

A dip in the waters of the fine, clean beaches of The Bay Denmark is a wonderful experience. We have 55 km of bathing beach for you to enjoy. There are, however, certain precautions, we would ask you and your family to observe:

The North Sea can quite quickly get deep, so children should only swim when accompanied by adults. Only let them go in up to their navel. And, for children and adults alike, remember only to swim parallel with the coast, never away from it. 

Bathing is forbidden in harbours, at jetties, breakwaters and near fishing stakes. 

Air mattresses and inflatable animals call for caution, since they can quickly drift out to sea. It is best to tether them. If you lose a large inflatable animal or an air mattress, you should contact the police, so that an unnecessary rescue operation is not started.


Keep an eye on the beach sign

The signs with the beach number have been placed at the base of the dunes or elsewhere, where they are visible from the beach. The signs always have a letter and a number.


In the pamphlet about safe bathing, you can see, where the signs are placed. You can get the pamphlet at the tourist agencies in Jammerbugten.


If an accident occurs

If a bathing accident – or some other accident – has taken place on the beach:

Phone ALARM 112

  1. Begin by explaining what has happened and where you are.
  2. On most beaches you will find a beach number on a pole. It is important to give this number to the control centre.
  3. Stay by the phone until your message has been clearly understood. The police and the rescue service know the position of the beach number, and they will send a rescue team right to the accident. 


Note that if you use a cell phone to call ALARM 112, the alarm will not necessarily be routed to the nearest alarm centre.

Therefore, it is very important to describe, where the accident has happened.


Show consideration on the beach

Other people on the beach can be disturbed by the noise of, for example, motorised vehicles and radios, by kite-flying or litter that has been left behind. 

Loose dogs can be a real nuisance, so dogs must always be kept on a lead.