Inspiration for your holidays

Blokhus Strand

What do you travel for?

Do you need inspiration for what your experiences should be when you are on vacation in Jammerbugten, you can be inspired by the different themes here on this page and at the same time get info about events.

An active holiday

In Jammerbugten -The Bay Denmark, you'll find plenty of opportunities to explore the gems of nature while enjoying an active holiday at the same time.

The beaches in Jammerbugten

In Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark, you'll find a total of 13 beaches. 55 km with white sand. The beaches that you find along the coastline are wide, white and edged with dunes.

Holiday for couples - Explore Jammerbugten

Experience nature and an authentic seaside town atmosphere The best tips when you are travelling 2 together.

Holiday with kids

Find the best tips for family-friendly activities for both older and younger children. And parents can join in as well!

Experience history in Jammerbugten

In Jammerbugten you can visit several historical places. Read the stories of the various cultural-historical sites

Arts and crafts in Jammerbugten

All year round you can visit exciting art exhibitions in Jammerbugten or experience crafts in different shapes and colors.

Danish food and local produce

Trying the local produce and getting the very local flavors can be a big part of the holiday experience, when you want to get very close to the local ...

The very best of nature

Photo: Anne Nøhr Ringgren

Calendar and major events


In the calendar you can easily keep up to date with all the activities that happen daily during your holiday and under the theme of major events there is an overview of the biggest events that create great experiences throughout the year.

Major events

See a list with the major events in Jammerbugten. You will be able to experience lots of festivals, markets, exercise and pure entertainment

Event calendar

Eventcalendar with all events. Music, markets, festivals, exhibitions, guided tours and much more