An active holiday

Photo: Jens Thimm

In Jammerbugten -The Bay Denmark, you'll find plenty of opportunities to explore the gems of nature while enjoying an active holiday at the same time.

Try your strength against one of the best mountain bike tracks in Denmark in the dune plantation by Slettestrand. Go for a quiet walk or take your bike out for a spin in the forests, plantations and along the beaches.

For golf enthusiasts, there are courses situated in beautiful, natural settings.

Cycling in Jammerbugten

Jammerbugten is plentiful when it comes to cycling routes in  the countryside. You will find routes that go through forests, plantations and along the Limfjord. Whatever your temper, you are sure to find a route that matches your desire. 

In the area you will also find some of Denmark's best mountain biking trails. Test your skills on the 35km trail in beautifully hilly terrain.

Mountainbike in Jammerbugten

In the dune plantations in Blokhus, Svinkløv and Kollerup you will find exciting and challenging mountain bike trails and the track in Svinkløv is distinguished by being one of the best in Denmark.

Cycling routes and maps

Experience The Bay Denmark on bike and find information regarding cycling routes and maps.

Rent a bike

Spend your holidays enjoying the many wonderful cycling routes. If you do not have the bike with you, you can rent bicycles several places in Jammerbugten

An active holiday and beautiful nature

Photo: VisitJammerbugten

Hiking in Jammerbugten

When on foot, there are many ways to explore nature. In the plantations and forests, you will find many marked hiking trails.


Several routes brings you through the dune landscape along the coast, where you can at the same time enjoy the beautiful views of the sea.

Hiking maps and trails

There are several good hiking trails to choose from in Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark. On this page, you'll find maps and inspiration to explore the breathtaking countryside.

18 wonderful nature spots

Make sure to stop by one of carefully selected “Tankesteder” in Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark. “Tankesteder” are beautiful nature and a place for quiet contemplation and reflection.

Other activities in the countryside

The countryside truly is a playground of experiences. Whether it be golfing, horseback riding or canoeing, there is lots do to!

Forest playgrounds

There is plenty of room to play in the forest playgrounds in Jammerbugten -  The Bay Denmark

Horseback riding in Jammerbugten

Enjoy nature and the fresh air on horseback.

Angling in Jammerbugten

Try angling in the fishing parks or in the Limfjord and the North Sea

Nature camps

Sleep outdoors at one of the nature camps in The Bay Denmark

Golf courses in Jammerbugten

Find the best golf courses in Jammerbugten

Football Golf in Jammerbugten

If football is one of your favorites, then there are good opportunities for cozy get-togethers on the area's Football Golf Courses

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