Badehuse Blokhus strand

The beach houses in Blokhus

Photo: Anne Nøhr Ringgren

The iconic little white bathhouses on Blokhus beach are a hallmark of the area. Here you can read about the history behind.

The story behind the beach houses in Blokhus

From the middle of the 19th century, the brisk North Sea air began to attract summer visitors - the bathing guests

The author Meir Goldschmidt's visit to Blokhus in 1865 gave rise to Blokhus as a place for bathing. You see, he was the first to publicly announce that one could go for a swim directly in the North Sea.  


Already in 1870, the tourists started coming to Blokhus in larger numbers.

It puzzled the locals, who had a certain respect for the ocean and considered the ocean a place of work, which one shouldn’t bath in without it being necessary.

Therefore, the locals questioned the fact that wealthy people came from far away to voluntarily bath in the ocean. It quickly became a great source of income.

47 white bathhouses are put on Blokhus beach from 1 May - 30 September

All of the citizens of Blokhus came in contact with the tourists during the summer. Most people let rooms out and one way or the other worked with tourism, e.g. renting out bathing machines.

In the beginning, people were decently bathing in the edge of the water using bathing machines. The bathing machines was slowly replaced with small beach houses, which was used to change clothes and to take a break. The beach houses were popular, and, to this day, they are put up every summer at Blokhus Beach. Back in the day the beach houses would be pulled all the way to the edge of the water so that one could easily step into the water without showing to much skin – bathing suits was considered revealing at the time. Eventually, as the number of visitors increased, it was necessary to stop pulling the beach houses all the way to the water. Therefore, the beach houses stayed on sand and used as a changing room.

Today, Blokhus has the authority to put up 47 beach houses on the beach, however, only between May 1 and September 30.

Other visitors, so to speak, use the modern version of a beach house – a car – as a changing room. Blokhus is one of the few places in the country, where it is allowed and safe to drive onto the actual beach.