Blokhus Strand

The beaches in Jammerbugten

In Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark, you'll find a total of 13 beaches. 55 km with white sand. The beaches that you find along the coastline are wide, white and edged with dunes.

Come and soak in the sun, go for a swim in the brisk waves of the North Sea, or enjoy an active day at one of our wonderful beaches. You won’t regret it.

Throughout the year, you can enjoy several activities on the beaches such as horseback riding on Icelandic horses, kite-flying, running, nice long walks and hunting for amber.  

Don't miss the opportunity to go for a unique drive in your car along the beach from the popular Blokhus Beach to Ejstrup southwards or to Løkken northwards – it’s a beautiful ride, which we highly recommend visitors to discover.

13 beaches

The 13 beaches that you'll find in The Bay Denmark are (listed from the northern to the western part of the coastline):

Grønhøj, Saltum, Blokhus, Rødhus, Ejstrup, Tranum, Lerup, Slettestrand, Svinkløv, Grønnestrand, Kollerup, Klim, and Thorup.