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Arts and crafts in Jammerbugten

Photo: VisitJammerbugten

All year round you can visit exciting art exhibitions in Jammerbugten or experience crafts in different shapes and colors.

Experiences with art and culture


Especially from Easter until the autumn there are special exhibitions in the area's galleries. Cultural offerings in the form of concerts are often held at galleries throughout the year.

You will find information about them in the event calendar.

Galleries in Jammerbugten

Visit the galleries and see the big selection of different art forms and styles. Her you can also buy unique works of art, and below you will find a complete list with the galleries in Jammerbugten.

Candle shops

Visit the candle shops in Jammerbugten, where you can see candles in all colors and shapes. In some places, you can also help dip your own lights and put your own personal touch on them.

Craftsmen and potteries

Discover how artisans and potters transform clay, paper, stone, granite, glass and much more into impressive works of art.