Dansk mad

Danish food and local produce

Photo: Niclas Jessen


Trying the local produce and getting the very local flavors can be a big part of the holiday experience, when you want to get very close to the local identity that is connected to Jammerbugten

One of the trademarks of Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark is the area's wide selection of restaurants and locally grown produce of high quality. 

Icecream, butter, cheese, salt, fish, gin and potatoes are some of the great local ingredients that will make your mouth water

During the saeson, you can also get a peek behind the scenes at some of the places and discover how the products are made. 

The local produces are used generously by several inns and restaurants. If you would like to use them for cooking in your own kitchen, the products can be purchased directly from the manufacturers, outdoor markets and farm shops. 

In Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark, you’ll find a broad selection of menus, which most likely will carry something for your liking. In addition, the Nordic kitchen offers exciting taste sensations that you without a doubt must give a try.

Here is a selection of great eateries and local taste sensations

Ryå is - Aabybro mejeri
Krabbeklør fisk

Find your way to the local flavors

If you love the local produce, it can be exciting to visit the area's farm shops, buy the freshly caught fish directly at the fishing boats or visit the area's small dairies.
You can also meet many of the local producers in the local markets.

Farm shops

In Jammerbugten there are a number of farm shops where you can buy the fresh produce and vegetables of the season

Buy fresh fish on the beach

You can come down to the beaches of Blokhus and Thorupstrand to buy fresh fish.

The local dairies

Find some of the best local produce at Jammerbugten's small dairies. They produce quality products in Danish ice, cheese and butter

Markets in Jammerbugten
See list !

Photo: Anne Nøhr Ringgren

Find the local eateries and restaurants


At many of the restaurants, you can taste local dishes or menus based on the local ingredients

Restaurants in Blokhus

In Blokhus, you'll find several different restaurants and eateries with e.g. fish and traditional Danish dishes on the menu.

Restaurants by the Limfjord

Exciting flavors at the local restaurants along the Limfjord, where you can enjoy lunch or dinner with a view or in a historical setting

Restaurants in Slettestrand - Svinkløv

Here you will find a list with restaurants and eateries in Slettestrand - Svinkløv - Tranum and Thorupstrand. Some of the places are characterized by basing many of the dishes on good, local and tasteful ingredients.