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Experience nature and an authentic seaside town atmosphere

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Jammerbugten offers a wealth of unique landscapes, a seaside atmosphere, culinary and cultural experiences as well as a truly fantastic maritime history 

Enjoy its unique qualities in countless ways depending on your own personal interests. Experience all of it from one of the cosy seaside hotels, from a beautifully located summerhouse in the dunes, a relaxed campsite or one of numerous popular holiday centres

Sleep to the sound of the North Sea's waves, enjoy the beautiful views from the top of the dunes and experience the feeling of sand between your toes. Authentic, beautiful and intimate. 

Strandingskroen Blokhus

The unique landscape, with its colourful sunsets, high dunes and wide, white sandy beaches combined with the small, cosy seaside towns is the biggest attraction in Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark.

It's never far to beach, forest or town. Whether you prefer sunbathing on the beach, shopping and dining in good company in the small restaurants in the seaside towns or would rather experience the region's natural beauty, perhaps on a biking or hiking tour, then there are plenty of great opportunities for both in the Bay Denmark.

The North Sea Trail and the Hærvej trail are also popular hiking routes, which both take walkers through the extremely beautiful west coast landscape.


Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark offers a wealth of unique landscapes, a seaside atmosphere, culinary and cultural experiences as well as a truly fantastic maritime history 

Futten Blokhus

In the northern part of Jammerbugten, the most popular holiday areas are the seaside town of Blokhus, with its cosy cafes, restaurants and small shops.

In the southwest part of the area the scenic Slettestrand-Svinkløv and Thorupstrand with the maritime coastal fishing environment. The unique nature around Slettestrand and Svinkløv are also very popular for mountain enthusiasts and the area is classified as one of the best in Denmark.

The beautiful backyard of Jammerbugten is the Limfjord. Here you can experience the pleasant harbor towns of Gjøl and Attrup. 


Blokhus Strand

Long, wide sandy beaches wind their way up Denmark's magnificent west coast in the Bay Denmark

This is not only a trademark for the west coast, but is iconic for Denmark. You can experience the crashing waves of the North Sea at one of Denmark's most beautiful beaches, Blokhus Strand. 

Characteristic seaside hotels are located all along the West Coast, 

Enjoy an authentic seaside vacation just like in the good old days and let yourself be pampered in the wellness department or with exciting and delicious gastronomy in the hotel restaurant.

There are a number of fascinating seaside hotels in the area, each with their own history and style.


The most popular of its kind is Svinkløv Badehotel.


Svinkløv Badehotel

The landscape around Svinkløv is also the setting where the popular Danish TV series: Badehotellet ('seaside hotel') was recorded. 

You can experience nature as you may also know it from TV, and at the top of the Lien at Svinklovene there is an absolutely unique view towards the North Sea, which is both one of the 18 most wonderfull nature spots, but also part of Denmark's Nature Canon.

The nature of the place is very popular among hikers and nature lovers.


Exciting coastal history and local specialities

At Thorupstrand you can visit Denmark's largest active coast landing site, where the local fishermen still haul their boats all the way up onto the beach after a hard  day's work at sea. You can also buy freshly-caught fish to take home or shop for exciting specialities at Thorupstrand Delikatesse or smoked specialities in Thorupstrand Røgeri. 

Sustainable fishing is practised at Thorupstrand using especially considerate fishing methods which protect both the seabed and fish stocks. 

At Slettestrand, you can visit a genuine boatbuilder's yard  - Han Herred Havbåde (Han Herred Seaboats), where old, clinker-built fishing boats are restored and rebuilt before being launched from the beach.

These are just some of the things which contribute to a continuing, healthy existence of the historic, maritime soul of a region that is still packed with modern entertainment forms, a lively beach life and a wealth of activities and events. 


The small local producers of delicious specialities 

Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark offers a wealth of unique ingredients and local produce. 

Sustainable fish from Thorupstrand, Vildmose potatoes, Ryå ice cream from Aabybro Mejeri, cheese from Ingstrup Mejeri, schnapps and gin from Nordisk Brænderi and local sea or herbal salt from Blokhus Salt made from water which has been drawn directly from the North Sea.

There are thus many eateries and businesses in the area which offer unique culinary experiences. 


Ryå is - Aabybro mejeri

The possibilities are many, and the region is a trailblazer in local ingredients and exciting culinary experiences, so it’s simply a matter of visiting the region and pampering your taste buds. 

Enjoy for example the local Han Herred Schnapps with the traditional Danish  "smørrebrød" (like a open sandwich) or perhaps a local 'stjerneskud' called "Shooting Star", which is a variety of fish arranged on slices of bread and garnished with shrimp and caviar.

Here you can really taste the local soul and tradition of the region.  

You can find local ingredients and special foods everywhere in the area, and you can also shop for some great bargains at the local farmers' markets every Thuesday in July in Blokhus. 


Serious art and crafts experiences

In addition, there are a wide variety of arts and cultural experiences in the region. At Sculpturepark Blokhus you can experience the gigantic sand sculptures which the 20,000 m2 park is known for or admire the other works constructed from stone, concrete, wood and iron. In the park's shop in Kulturhuset there is the chance to purchase some smaller works of art. During the lead-up to Christmas, the 20,000 m2 park transforms into a twinkling Christmas market with thousands of lights and market stalls.


Museum for Papirkunst

In 2018, the Bay Denmark welcomed Scandinavia's first Centre for Paper ArtA wholly new artistic venture, the international artist Karen Bit Vejle, who is known in Asia as 'Denmark's new HC Andersen', exhibits here her own magical works, giant paper cuttings measuring up to 3 x 5 metres, all made using a pair of small embroidery scissors.

The gardens, Haven i Hune are also worth a visit. This is an architecturally stunning pearl in North Jutland arranged by the flower painter, Anne Just.


Haven i Hune Anne Just

During the summertime, many small galleries and craft studios open their doors in the region to visitors, all with their own unique qualities and artistic styles.

For example, you can visit glassworks, ceramics studios, candlemakers, galleries and much more.

Jammerbugten is host to a wide range of major events 

Big events are held regularly in the area throughout the year.

Blokhus Fly In

The Wool Festival Uldfestival Saltum and Blokhus-Løkken Wind Festival are held every year in May and August respectively and you can also witness the spectacular sight of 20 propeller planes landing on the beach at Blokhus Fly In in the end of August.

Other exciting events include free pop concerts on the square in Blokhus with leading Danish music artists every Thursday. VesterhavsRock in Fjerritslev in August, Living History at the old Bratskov Manor every Thursday or Cannon firing/Salute on Blokhus Strand every evening.

All popular annually recurring events.

> See the list with major events 

Gjøl Havn

The Limfjord, with the cosy harbour towns of Gjøl and Attrup

The Limfjord is Jammerbugten's beautiful back garden. The idyllic harbour towns of Gjøl and Attrup are well worth a visit.

Each of them is packed with its own charm and warmth, which you simply cannot find other places. You can explore the history of both areas, which are crammed with local anecdotes and stories, or enjoy a meal prepared with local ingredients at the historic inn with the crow-stepped gable in Gjøl or with a fantastic views of the harbour at Attrup Havnecafé

You can also visit the brand new Troll Museum, which tells all about the world famous Gjøl Trolde (Lucky Trolls) and the artist behind the success: Thomas Dam.

No matter what type of vacation you choose, you are assured the very best setting for a great stay. In The Bay Denmark there are always plenty of enjoyable experiences to be had, but you can take them at your own pace.

In other words, there is ample opportunity for you to enjoy a fantastic holiday and take home some great holiday memories with you from Jammerbugten.

Just 25 minutes from the wide, white sandy beaches of Jammerbugten is Aalborg Airport, which connects the region with the rest of Europe.


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