Redningsstation Blokhus

Blokhus Life-saving Station

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The life-saving station in Blokhus testifies to the many lives that were rescued during rough weathers at sea.

The Life-saving Station in Blokhus

- The beach town gets its pride back


Among seafarers, the waters around The Bay Denmark have a reputation of being dangerous. When the wind turns to a specific direction, forceful waves appear. Due to the depth of the sea and the sand banks along the coast, a strong stream is created, which has led to several wrecks. The first official list of wrecks along the Jutlandic coast shows that, for several years, in the middle of the 18th century, 4,166 wrecks were registered. Therefore, in 1847, the king granted 5,000 rix-dollars for the establishment of ´Det Nørrejyske Redningsvæsen´, in which eight life-saving stations were built, including one in Blokhus in 1852.

It was an honorable occupation to work at the life-saving station, where more than 12 boatmen were employed. More than 118 shipwrecks were rescued by the life-savers in Blokhus. In 1944, the station was removed by the German occupying power, because the building was in the danger zone of their cannon. At the time, it was frustrating for the local population. However, half a century later, Blokhus is finally getting its pride back in the form of an authentic reconstruction located on the street leading to the beach. By that, visitors will be able to receive an impression of a fateful period in Blokhus’ history.



The life-saving station is located at the corner between Strandvejen 5B and Høkervej, 9492 Blokhus


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Strandvejen 5B

9492 Blokhus