Limfjorden Gjøl

The Fishermen from Gjøl

Visit Gjøl, situated right by the Limfjord, and take in the atmosphere of the village that served as inspiration for the book "Fiskerne" by Danish writer Hans Kirk.

The Fishermen from Gjøl

- From reality to a novel

Most people probably associate Gjøl with the novel “Fiskerne”, written by the Danish author Hans Kirk.  His father came from a poor evangelical family near Harboøre, whereas his mother was Grundtvigian. Throughout his youth, Kirk got a thorough insight in the evangelical faith, which he describes in “Fiskerne”. In the summer of 1925, during his stay in Gjøl, he found the inspiration for the characters in his novel. He stayed at Gjøl Kro (Inn), helped his uncle fishing, and attended meetings together with evangelical fishermen. Because of that, it came as a chock to the locals when Kirk published the novel in 1928.


The evangelical families portrayed in the novel were partly to be identified. However, the story was somehow different from reality. The fishermen came from Harboøre. Before they settled down in Gjøl, they came in springtime to fish herring and left again in autumn when the eel traps were taken in. The first fishermen and families settled down in Gjøl in the beginning of the 19th century. They bought the right for sets of eel traps and pound nets. Before the fishing season began, traps and nets, made from cotton, were tarred in order not to rot. Still, most of the fishermen from Harboøre never really felt that they belonged to the evangelical society in Gjøl.


Please notice:

The tar ditch is located in the western part of Gjøl.



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