Han Herred Seaboats

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Experience the restoration of old, traditional seaboats used by the North Jutlandic fishermen.

Han Herred Seaboats

- A battle for the lively coast culture

From the Viking age up until the 1900, the clinker-built boats became the foundation of fishing and navigation in Denmark, as well as for the rest of Northern Europe. The boats were set afloat from the beach, after which they were anchored on the coast after navigation. Up until today, there have been a lot of berths in Thy, Han Herred and Vendsyssel.

Today, however, Thorupstrand in Han Herred is the last berth left with a great fishing trade, representing the classic coast culture in Northern Europe.

In 2007, a group of passionate locals established the association ´Han Herred Havbåde´, where the object is to restore older clinker-built sea boats, continue the boat crafts, and strengthen the last berths in Denmark.

In Slettestrand, visitors have the opportunity to follow the restoration of boats in the boatbuilder’s yard. The boats are being looked after and used by the members of the association.



Han Herred Havbåde

Slettestrandvej 158

9690 Fjerritslev