Nature camps

Photo: Visitjammerbugten

Sleep outdoors at one of the nature camps in The Bay Denmark

This is your chance to try and sleep outdoors under the stars, because Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark offers lovely nature camps. Compared to various accommodation options, sleeping outdoors is a more primitive (and fun) way to spend the night during your holiday.

Rules during your stay

It is not allowed to access the nature camps by car, motorcycle, camper, caravan, scooter, or moped. This means that you aren’t allowed to access the camps with any motor-driven vehicle.

You may have to book a spot in your preferred nature camp in advance.

You can search for such information on Friluftsrådet

For more information regarding staying the night in nature camps or in the open air, we advise you to purchase the book “Overnatning i det fri” (Danish), which you can find at VisitJammerbugten’s office at Strandvejen 5b, 9492 Blokhus.



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