Alsbjerg Bakker Blushøj

Tankested - Alsbjerg Bakker by Attrup

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The vantage point, Blushøj, is situated on the top of Alsbjerg Bakker, where you will have an incredible view of the Limfjord. From this point, you can look all the way to Aalborg and Aggersund.

Alsbjerg Bakker

A spectacular view of the Limfjord

Alsbjerg Bakker is a preserved area open to the public. It is located south-east of the town Fjerritslev, just north of the Limfjord. Alsbjerg Bakker consists of two large hills, which are separated by a small cleft, and a small hill north-west of the northern hill. Alsbjerg Bakker is situated in a beautiful natural area with a great view of the surroundings. You'll find a view of the Limfjord from Aggersund in the west to Aalborg in the east. At the top of the northern hill, you'll find Blushøj 54 metres above sea level. If you look at the northern hills from Lørsted/Bonderupsiden (west or northwest), it is clear as to why the hills went by the name “Marens røvballer”, which translates to “Maren’s behind”.

There are many burial mounds in the area. One of the burial mounds, called Hvisselhøj, has been excavated and has three burial chambers. It is located near Alsbjergvej. The hollow pathway in the gully was created many years ago. You can find remains from the stone age, for example tools made from stone. In addition, it is possible to find remains from citizens from the time after the stone age, because there once was a brickfield in Alsbjerg.

There is a differentiated plant and animal life, since a part of the area is left untouched. Furthermore, grazing has not been tough on the plant life.


By the village Attrup by the Limfjord

Find your way to Blushøj by the sign at Alsbjergvej 20, 9460 Brovst or from the road Pallisvadvej, 9460 Brovst, where there will be a small road that leads you to Blushøj.