Bratbjerg søerne

Tankested - The Bratbjerg lakes

The Bratbjerg Lakes are located by the plantation Tranum Aktieplantage and is a great place to bring along your picnic basket.

The Bratbjerg lakes

A great picnic area.

The Bratbjerg Lakes is a wonderful and natural area that borders on the plantation "Tranum Aktieplantage".

The plantation was founded on 14 June 1902 by locals in order to create an area that could shield the district from wind and storms, not to mention sand drift from the sea side. The area covers 213 hectares, which are equally divided between a northern and a south- and western area. In the southern part, you'll find the Bratbjerg Lakes. 

Combined, the plantation, the lakes, the roads, and the paths form a recreational area for visitors to enjoy all year round. 

"The house" by the Bratbjerg Lakes is open during the summer time from 1 April - 31. October (sunrise to sunset) and provides the opportunity to eat and prepare one's food, or you can simply enjoy the view from the terrace. It is possible to light up the fireplace, both from the outside and the inside, and prepare your food on the grill. Inside the house, there is room for approximately 80 people. It is free to use the house. 

By the Bratbjerg Lakes there is a memorial stone erected for the Bratbjerg man, who more than 50 years after his death is still remembered as one of the greatest naturopaths in the area.



The Bratbjerg Lakes are in the village Bratbjerg just north of the town of Brovst

Adress: Bratbjergvej 55. 9460 Brovst

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