Tankested - Fosdalen

Photo: Jens Thimm

Fosdalen by Tranum

Fosdalen cuts its way through Denmark's largest inland dune, Lien. From the vantage point at the edge of the ridge, you have a wonderful view of the North Sea.


Experience a natural spring and a wonderful view

The valley of Fosdalen is one of the most visited areas in the countryside in North Jutland. Fosdalen is a north-southbound valley. At the bottom of the gully you'll find a small creek - Vor Frue Kilde - which rises from the top of the valley near the big stone. The stone, with the writing "Vor Frue Kilde", was established in the year 1936. The water comes from springs on the valley sides as well as from springs in the upper part of the valley. The Fosdal creek channels throughout the year, however, it ranges in strength depending on the weather conditions. The spring/creek is an important part in making Fosdalen the peaceful and tranquil place that it is. 

Fosdalen flow into Denmark's longest inland dune, Lien. Fosdalen was sold from Lerup vicarage in 1901 and became a part of other areas in the state-owned plantation. Today, it is difficult to imagine that the valley at the time of the preservation, approximately 100 years ago, was an open space covered in grass, heather, scattered thickets, and a clear view. About 100 metres from the exit of Fosdalen, 100 steps lead you towards a spectacular scenic vantage point.

Back on the road, you can walk an additional 500 metres to the nature centre Naturcenter Fosdalen, which carries exhibitions. 

Fosdalen is together with Svinklovene part of the Danish Nature Canon which is the 15 most wonderfull nature places in Denmark.


Fosdalen is located between Tranum and Slettestrand.