Gjøl Bjerg

Tankested - Gjøl Bjerg by the Limfjord

From the top of Gjøl Bjerg, you have a great view of the Limfjord, the dam, and the bird sanctuary Ulvedybet.

Gjøl Bjerg 

Gjøl Bjerg is a morainic deposit consisting of sand, gravel and stones. Gjøl Bjerg translates to Gjøl’s Hill.

Below the hill, the white chalk is evident, where parts of the hill have been removed to make room for the dam between Gjøl and the other moraine hill, Øland, west of Gjøl. 

The vegetation in the area can survive under low nutrition and dry conditions. Among plants that grow by Gjøl Bjerg are: the blue bell, maiden pink, mouse-ear hawkweed, broad-leaved thyme, wild carrot, Armeria maritima, rabbit foot clover, knapweeds, sea buckthorn, blackberry, broom, dog rose, and yarrow.

Gjøl Berg lies 17 metres above the sea surface and provides you with a fantastic view of Ulvedybet and Nibe broad.

The dam separates the low-lying areas by Vejlen, Ulvedybet, from Gjøl broad in the Limfjord. Both Ulvedybet and Gjøl broad are important bird sanctuaries for aquatic birds.



Gjøl Bjerg is located by Ulvedybet in the outskirts of the village Gjøl by the Limfjord. Approximately 7 kilometres from the town of Aabybro.