Tankested Hotel Nor Slettestrand

Tankested - Hotel Nor Slettestrand

The viewpoint and "Tankestedet Hotel Nor" is placed next to the hotel with the same name in the wonderfull surroundings by Slettestrand


Hotel Nor – a wonderful and peaceful spot

The vantage point is located on top of the slope by Lien and Hotel Nor. This is a wonderful spot for tranquillity and preoccupation.

A beautiful vantage point

Hotel Nor was originally built as a holiday home for the Elsass in 1918, and, until 2018, the hotel was known as Hotel Sanden Bjergaard. In 2019, the hotel was under thorough renovation and is now known as Hotel Nor.

The hotel is wonderfully located on top of the inland dune Lien with a fantastic view of The Bay Denmark and the nearby forest. Here, far from the fast past of every-day life, you can relax, enjoy the fantastic countryside, and recharge one’s batteries in the fresh air.

Beside a great view, outside the hotel you'll find traces from WWII, as there are several bunkers. The place for preoccupation is by the bench at the far left of the slope. During summer nights, guests at the hotel often gather here for a song during sunset.


Hotel Nor is in the Slettestrand area.