Kettrup Bjerge

Tankested - Kettrup Bjerge by Grønhøj

Photo: Anne Nøhr Ringgren

Located between the cities Saltum and Grønhøj, the hilly landscape, Kettrup Bjerge, lies.

Kettrup Bjerge – An amazing view

Kettrup Bjerge consists of numerous smaller hills and green meadows, which makes Kettrup Bjerge a great holiday destination for guests who enjoy and love to experience the unique, eventful, and peaceful nature.

Because of Kettrup Bjerge’s nature and hilly landscape it is a popular place to hike. You can get the most stunning view of the entire area, if you stand at the highest hill, Ørnbjerg. Ørnbjerg is located 43 metre above the rest of the beautiful landscape. When the sky is clear, you can spot the city Hanstholm on the south and Rubjerg Knude northwards. Furthermore, you can discover a coast defence building, which consists of 23 bunkers and canons – a relic from the Second World War.


Kettrup Bjerge is located between Saltum and Grønhøj.

You will find the vantage point at the end of the street; Kettrup Bjerge Vej, Saltum, 9480 Løkken