Søen ved Hune Kirke

Tankested - The Lake by Hune Church

By the cemetery at Hune Church, you have the most wonderful view overlooking Blokhus Dune Plantation northwards and the lake by Hune Church on the south.

As the place for quiet contemplation and reflection we have chosen a bench, which is situated on the pathway 100.

From this bench, you can enjoy the wonderful view. The place used to be a gravel pit, however, the entire area is now a part of a special care system with purpose of creating a dune landscape.

Old maps go to show that Hune Church used to stand in the open and isolated. Moreover, the town of Hune endured far into the 19th century and consisted only of few houses, the so-called church homes, along the road between Blokhus and Aalborg.

The old church is built in a time, where the church was wealthy. Also, the church was a stately building situated in a vigorous landscape, which signalled that they were in no need of money.

There are both known and unknown people buried in the cemetery. We suggest, you visit the cemetery.


The lake is situated by Hune Church at Blokhus Dune Plantation.