Mosesøen Moseby

Tankested - Mosesøen by Moseby

Photo: VisitJammerbugten

By the lake, Mosesøen, you can go for a lovely walk on some of the marked pathways.

Mosesøen – For a quiet time 

Enjoy your lunch at the tables/benches, while your children play in the grass.

The formation of the bog

During the land rising 4-5000 years ago, after the Stone Age Sea had flooded big parts of the Vendsyssel area, the old sea bed gradually dried out. 

Today, you'll find to raised bogs on the old sea bed – Lundergårds Mose (with Mosesøen) and Store Vildmose.

Facts about the bog

Acreage: approximately 30 square kilometres = 3,000 hectares = 5,000 football fields

Annual production of peat and briquettes: in 1947 (year of average) approximately 120,000 ton. 

Today, the production would have had a value of 300 million Danish kroner. At that time, approximately 1,200 people worked in the bog during the summer, April-September. 



Mosesøen is located close to Kaas Briketfabrik (briquette factory)