Nørre Sø Blokhus Klitplantage

Tankested - Nørre Lake in Blokhus Dune Plantation

At the path Brændevejsstien i Blokhus Duneplantation - Gateway Blokhus - you´ll find Nørre Sø / Nørre Lake.

Nørre Lake

The forest lakes, Nørre Lake and Søndre Lake, are created by the participation of the forest district by exploiting the possibilities of the terrain. Right by Nørre Lake there is a small tower, from where you'll find a lovely view of the lake area, pinus covered dunes, and a small glimpse of the sea.

The path "Brændevinsstien" winds through the fairly flat terrain behind the dunes. The vegetation consists mostly of spruce forest in various ages. 

Blokhus Dune Plantation covers a total of 642 hectares – most of it being forest. Every year, the plantation is a popular place for an outing. Both locals and tourists frequently visit the area. 

Blokhus Dune Plantation is located on a moraine island, meaning that the landscape is formed by the ice from the ice age and has been an island in e.g. the Stone Age Sea. The moraine’s clay and sand has since then been covered by a layer of shifting sand of a warrying depth. 


Nørre Lake is located at the southern part of Blokhus Dune Plantation. Follow the path "Brændevinsstien".