Valbjerg Sande V Thorup Klitplantage

Tankested - Valbjerg Sande

Photo: VisitJammerbugten

From Valbjerg Sande there is a beautiful view towards Bulbjerg and Thorupstrand


Valbjerg Sande 

- Overlooking the beautiful Bulbjerg

Vester Thorup dune plantation is situated with a north aspect by the coast of The Bay Denmark. Bulbjerg is located to the west, meanwhile, in the east you'll find the fishing village Thorupstrand, and facing south the plantation borders on nature and farmland. From east to west, the plantation stretches approximately 7 kilometres. Vester Thorup dune plantation was founded in 1890 to dampen the sand drift. 

About half of the plantation is situated on a limestone cliff (bryozoan), which is covered by moraine sediment from the ice age and later shifting sang from the sand drift. This is first and foremost the case with the Bulbjerg-"island", which consists of the ridges Bulbjerg, Valbjerg and Stenbjerg, as well as a smaller "island" by Torup Stenbjerg in the eastern part of the plantation. You can clearly see the steep coastal slopes from the Stone Age Sea in the northern, western, and eastern part of the plantation. Especially by Bulbjerg, Troldsting, and Valbjerg. Furthermore, the area around Valbjerg is one the region’s most important botanic locations. 


Vester Thorup dune plantation north of Bulbjerg