Tankested Vejlerne

Photo: VisitJammerbugten

Vejlerne by Han Herred

Vejlerne is one of Denmark's largest bird sanctuaries, where you among other things find the largest breeding population of greylag geese.


When the eagle's silhouette appears above the Bygholm meadow, it inspires fear and panic among thousands of aquatic birds.

At times, you get the impression that the eagles are solely flying around to enjoy the effect they have on the other birds, when the water stirs as they take off...

Vejlerne covers an area of 6000 hectares, which was originally below sea level. Here, you'll find Denmark's largest population of breeding greylag geese, as well as Western Marsh Harrier, Great Bittern, Black Tern, crane, sea eagle, and peregrine falcon. It is also one of the few places in the country where otters live.

In the 1870s, Vejlerne were reclaimed, however, almost after 40 years of struggle against the force of nature, the project was partially dropped. In 1916, the drainage was called off, and Vejlerne have, since then, developed into a unique scenic area at 6000 hectare of land. The area holds the largest breeding population of grey lag-geese and the so called bitterns in Denmark. Vejlerne are, therefore, comprehended by the Ramsar Convention and by bird- and habitat areas in the EU (Natura 2000).

The newly built nature centre Vejlernes Naturcenter is located right by the main road no. 11/29 and consists of a main building with an exhibition about Vejlerne and the flora and fauna in the area. From the main building there is a walkway over the canal and to the small hut, where you'll find large fixed binoculars that you can you to get a closer look at the area. There are also computerised information screens in the building that can be used to determine bird- and plant species. 

The center is handicap-friendly, and there are public restrooms in the buildings. 



Between the town of Fjerritslev and Thisted

Bygholmvej 69, 7742 Vesløs