Løkken Fiskepark og Fodboldgolf

Photo: Løkken Fiskepark
Angling waters

Trudslevvej 87

9480 Løkken

A unique natural fishing area

Løkken Fishing Park and Footballgolf is situated in a unique natural area, where the two lakes are attached by a broad channel - and as well a fishing pond for children. The area is in a natural valley surrounded by beeches and pines. There is a shop in connection with the fishing park, that is open during the summer season from 09 am - 04 pm. 

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The park is featured with toilets, picnic areas and parking area.

Can you do a "birdie" with a football?

Football golf is a new and fun game in which EVERYBODY can participate in. The game is ideal for family, school classes and company excursions or just simply for fun! The object of the game is to kick a football into a series of holes on the course in as few kicks as possible. The game is a hybrid between golf, football and mini-golf. There are obstacles on the course. The game starts at hole 1 and follows the paths to end at hole 18 - just like on golf course or mini-golf course. 

NB! The course is open from Easter until October, week 42.


Trudslevvej 87

9480 Løkken


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