Blokhus Strand


Blokhus is a unique treasure - a cozy little town - which offers one of Northern Europe’s best beaches with fine white sand, tall dunes and a roaring, blue ocean.

Blokhus Strand

A maritime and historical holiday village

Blokhus got its name due to the many small houses on the beach in the sixteenth- and seventeenth century (Blokhus translates directly as a block house, however, the houses are more like a beach house in which people used them as changing rooms back in the days). The village remains in harmony with its historical landmarks and the maritime element, meanwhile the modern facilities are also well used.

Take a walk in the town of Blokhus and sense the atmosphere around the many cultural characteristics.

In the centre of the town, you’ll find the old Strandingsgård, which used to be the centre of craft trading spot with Norway of that time. Today, the courtyard accommodates a couple of interesting restaurants and houses several markets.

Exciting attractions, shopping and experiences

There are many activities and experiences to discover for families and visitors with children in Blokhus.

Visit one of Northern Europe’s best bathing beaches or one of the world’s best amusement parks Fårup Sommerland.

Discover the impressive sculptures made in sand at Skulpturparken Blokhus or experience the marvellous exhibition in papercuts and arts at the Museum for Papirkunst which has a great international reputation. Explore the store Klarborg – here you can see and buy the traditional Danish Christmas elves made by Etly Klarborg – or discover the magnificent garden of the painter Anne Just, Haven i Hune.

Let’s go shopping in Kalstrup Livstilshus or visit one of the restaurants, which offer a selection of traditional Danish specialities – but also French and Italian cuisines.


Blokhus torv

Major and special events in Blokhus

Blokhus often hosts great events. Throughout the year, you can find a thrilling program, which offers events for everyone – both children and adults.


Discover the major and special events in Blokhus. Free concerts at Blokhus Torv, Blokhus-Løkken Wind Festival with paragliders from all over the world, Blokhus Marathon, or Blokhus Fly-in where the beach transforms into a landing strip for 20 propeller aircrafts.

Blokhus Fly-In

Experience the nature in Blokhus

Blokhus is surrounded by lots of beautiful nature and experiences in nature.

Blokhus Dune Plantation hugs the town from both sides, which is the perfect excuse to go for a walk or bike throughout the incredible plantation via the pathways. The wide-open sandy beaches are also a popular destination to enjoy the sunset from the top of the dunes, invite the family on a bicycle ride, or go for a brisk walk along the water.

In the southern part of the dune plantation, between Hune and Blokhus, you’ll find Gateway Blokhus. Gateway Blokhus is a perfect destination for people who love nature, because here you’ll find a great forest playground with a place for a bonfire, mountain bike tracks, tracks for running, and beautiful pathways throughout the forests.

Blokhus Gateway