Slettestrand - Svinkløv

At Slettestrand - Svinkløv you can discover historic seaside hotels and a maritime culture. You can enjoy the tranquillity, have unique nature experiences or a delicious local taste experience, or be active in the dune plantation. You'll find one of the best mountainbike tracks in Denmark.

Svinkløv Badehotel

This deserted place is the most beautiful spot in my kingdom”, exclaimed the King Frederik VI during his visit at Grønnestrand by Svinkløv July 21st, 1824.

The most beautiful spot in my kingdom

It was King Frederik the sixth who appointed the area by Grønnestrand and Svinkløv as the most beautiful spot in his kingdom. He did so, when he rode to the area July 21st, 1824. In memory of the visit from the King, one erected the Kongesten at Grønnestrand, which you can see by the mill in the same area, Lyngmøllen.


Seaside hotels, nature, and a maritime culture.

It is not only the King who is amazed by the beautiful area.

The nature at Svinkløv and Svinklovene are unique, and many guests visit every year. Besides the stunning vantage points, the area is also known for the recognised seaside hotel Svinkløv Badehotel, which is located in the dunes facing the coast. The seaside hotel, which burned down in 2016 and reopened in its familiar surroundings in 2019, is Denmark’s greatest wooden building. Furthermore, Svinkløv Badehotel is known for its fantastic kitchen.


You can also find the unique atmosphere, characterised by seaside hotels in Denmark, at other hotels in the area of Slettestrand.

Here you can experience hosts that will go to new length to accommodate you during your stay, because the hosts are the owners themselves.

There is room for Danish hygge and tranquillity, and there is also the opportunity to discover new taste- and nature experiences.


The area is officially marked of quality because of the outstanding nature. In 2018, Svinkløv and Fosdalen are admitted to Danmarks Naturkanon by the Danish Environmental Protection agency. This makes Svinkløv and Fosdalen among 15 of the most beautiful nature spots in Denmark.

The Danish tv series Badehotellet uses the nature at Slettestrand and Svinkløv as its scenery. Badehotellet is beloved by the Danish people and currently consists of six seasons.


A maritime seaside culture and an active holiday

The surroundings of Slettestrand are filled to the brim with great experiences.

You can explore the maritime seaside culture, which is a true characteristic to the area. In the shipyard, Han Herred Havbåde, in Slettestrand, you may find the fishers’ traditional boats that are under restoration or rebuild. These fishing boats are launched from the beach in Slettestrand or in Thorupstrand.



The plantation at Slettestrand/Svinkløv is the perfect setting for an active holiday. You can find a wide selection of different pathways and tracks for hiking, mountain biking, or horseback riding.

You can find one of Denmark’s best mountain bike tracks in this area. Approx. 20km (approx. 12 miles) with numerous of different degree of difficulties. The tracks start at Trailhead Slettestrand. Here, you also discover huts with a bonfire and fitness track. Furthermore, every year in August, the entire family can attend the event Explore Slettestrand, where you can run different distances.


Make sure to stop off at the commercial town Fjerritslev, which offers a selection of good stores and a cozy atmosphere. Besides, the town also has Northern Europe’s best-preserved brewery: Fjerritslev Bryggeri- og Egnsmuseum.