Thorupstrand is a living cultural environment and the Northern Europe’s greatest coast landing sites. Thorupstrand is the largest coast landing site in Northern Europe. Fishing boats are still pulled up on the beach, and 19 boats and 30 fishermen are committed to the place.

With its 19 boats still in operation, Thorupstrand is the greatest coast landing site in Northern Europe.


An important trade area

The coast along Thorupstrand is a nature harbour, which forms a bay between the two limestone points, Bulbjerg and Svinkløv.

Until the 1800, Thorupstrand was an important area for the trade between Denmark and Norway. In Denmark, the privileges of being a market centre meant that the towns had monopoly on almost all trade. However, since the coast towns were in lack of timber and Norway was in need for corn and agricultural products, the coast towns could trade from fisher boats, on the stretch of coast between Klitmøller and Løkken.


Around 1800, seven families lived in Thorupstrand, and the number increased during the century. It was mainly fishermen, who settled down in this area. After the craft trading stopped in the end of the nineteenth century, the fishing industry became the most important occupation at the time. At first, fishing took place from small open boats; but later they were replaced with larger clinker-built sea boats during the twentieth century.



Sustainable fishing

Today, Thorupstrand is the largest coast landing site in Northern Europe. Fishing boats are still pulled up on the beach, and 19 boats and 30 fishermen are committed to the place. It is highly the sustainable principles that are important to the fishermen in Thorupstrand. This means that they protect the environment by using yarn and Danish seine instead of trawl which is an open-mouthed fishing net drawn along the sea bottom. Thus, fish that has been captured at Thorupstrand does not contribute to destroying our oceans.

Visitors can come along with the activities on the beach and speak to the local fisherman – if they have the time. You can also buy local fish from the store located on the beach. At Thorupstrand Fiskehus you can buy fresh fish and smoked meats and shellfish, or you can enjoy one of the local cuisines that you can find on the menu.



If you are familiar with the Danish tv shows, you may have heard of “Gutterne på kutterne” (the Lads on the Cutter). In this area, the lads Jan, Jesper, and Johnny are seen as local heroes because they fight for coastal fishery to maintain.

Close to Thorupstrand – in the village V. Thorup – Jesper Olsen carry on Thorupstrand Røgeri with his family. You can by delicious specialities in the local store, which also sells both warm-smoked and cold-smoked fish from Thorupstrand Fisk.

In Slettestrand you can also discover an existing community who take great pride in its coast.

The boatbuilding yard Han Herred Havbåde is located on the beach. At this place, they build beautiful wooden boats, which function as fishing boats on Thorup Strand. You may be lucky to watch the fishermen pull of the boats onto the beach via the capstan.

The boatbuilding yard is open the first Saturday of the month.

Thorupstrand Gutterne på kutterne

Find fish from Thorupstrand in Copenhagen

Thorupstrand Kystfiskerlaug, who ensures that Danes and others can enjoy sustainable and freshly caught fish, also sells their products from the cutter HM800. You can find the cutter at 51 Havnegade in Copenhagen. Moreover, you can buy sustainable and freshly caught fish in Coop’s supermarkets all over the country.