Top rated mountain biking in Slettestrand

Try your strength against one of the best mountain bike tracks in Denmark.

In the plantation by Slettestrand/Svinkløv, you find one of the top 10 mountain bike tracks in Denmark. The track is a total of 20 km (approximately 6 miles) and encompasses different levels of complexity.

Whether you are a top trained rider, technically gifted, or completely new to mountain biking, there is certainly a challenge for you.

The tracks lead you into the forest as well as to beautiful scenic vantage points.


Mountainbike Slettestrand

In Kollerup Dune Plantation you can also challenge yourself at the tracks. This route is a total of 6 km

While, at the nearby Slettestrand Holiday Center, they offer professional training and bike rental. 


> Card to print - Svinkløv 20 km

> Card to print - Kollerup - 6 km