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Cycling routes and maps

Experience The Bay Denmark on bike and find information regarding cycling routes and maps.

In Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark you have a wide variety of cycling opportunities to choose from. Here you can read more about the wide selection of cycling routes and maps in the area.

On bike in The Bay Denmark

There are numerous tracks throughout The Bay Denmark meant for mountain bikes as well as normal bicycles. You’ll find routes that reach into the natural scenery, passing magnificent places in the countryside, cultural environments, the Limfjord and other beautiful attractions. Please, do yourself the favour and go biking along the beach.

Denmark’s best mountain bike tracks and terrain is found in this area, so there are plenty of opportunity for you to test your abilities throughout the 35km long, beautiful and hilly track.

Cycling routes through The Bay Denmark

Whether you enjoy longer or shorter cycling routes, The Bay Denmark is most likely to have what you are looking for. You can identify the national and regional routes by keeping an eye on the blue and red signs – or grab one of the good maps with the cycling routes imprinted on them.

Cykling strand

A tour around The Bay Denmark

The links below (the ones marked by VJ) points to a selection of maps, which will make up great routes, lasting a couple of hours. This way you’ll still have time to attend other activities during that day.

The routes vary in length – from 5-40km (3-25 miles) – and are planned to start and end at the same place. This means that you can choose your own starting point, e.g. from your accommodation of choice, an attraction, or a nature area. The cycling maps are free and can be downloaded on this site or picked up at the tourist bureau, VisitJammerbugten, Springvandstorvet 5, 9492 Blokhus.


Follow the regional and national cycling tracks

There is a big netting of marked national and regional cycling routes in Northern Jutland and the rest of Denmark, most of which are in The Bay Denmark. Here you’ll find the Limfjordsruten (the route by the Limfjord), the Vestkystruten (the route by the North Sea), regional routes marked as blue numbers, and national routes marked as red numbers.


Mountain biking in first class

Are you seeking an adrenalin rush? And are you keen on discovering the dune plantations further away from the flat terrain? Then you should check out the MTB routes in Blokhus and Slettestrand.

In the dune plantation by Slettestrand/Svinkløv, you’ll discover one of Denmark’s top-5 best mountain bike tracks. It is 19 km (approx. 12 miles) and has different degrees of difficulties. So, no matter your mountain bike proficiency it is possible to be challenged – both professionals and beginners. The track in Svinkløv is combined with a route in Kollerup Dune Plantation that is approx. 6km (approx. 3.5 miles). You can rent a bike and take lessons of different degrees in technical training at Feriecenter Slettestrand.


In Gateway Blokhus in Blokhus Dune Plantation, there is an 8km (approx. 5 miles) long MTB track. This one is perfect for both families and the more experienced rider. The track is marked as medium to hard in difficulty. You can rent a mountain bike nearby at Hune-Blokhus Cykeludlejning. After the tour, there is plenty of room to have a great time by the picnic-spot, where you e.g. can explore the forest playground or use the baking oven in the style of nature.


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