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The history of Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark

The legend of Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark takes its beginning with the many boats wrecks off the coast. The Danish name for "Jammerbugten", translated as misery bay, refers to a time when many boats ran on ground close the bay.

Fisker Jammerbugten

Legend has it that during the raging storms at sea, boats at sea moved to the bay of Jammerbugten. Citizens along the coast, led by bishop Stygge Krumpen from the ministry Børglum, sent their horses to the beaches.

Below the horses' bellies, lanterns were attached. As the men at the boats saw the light, they were tricked into believing that other ships had found safety in the bay. However, when they moved closer to shore, the boats ran on ground; thus, giving the locals the opportunity to rob them.


This caused a lot of misery, which gave The Bay Denmark its Danish name, Jammerbugten.


Today the misery has left The Bay Denmark, and it’s now a vibrant coastal resort with many lovely beaches. Moreover, the lifeboat stations in Blokhus and Slettestrand testify to the great efforts that were put into saving lives at sea, when ships ran on ground.



Redningsstation Jammerbugten