Gjøl Trolde Lucky Trolls

Lucky Trolls from Gjøl

Lots of happiness and luck in the Trolls’ hometown Gjøl

The adventure about the charming Trolls in the recent Hollywood movie "Trolls" have their beginning in the cosy harbour town Gjøl by the Limfjord in the northern part of Denmark.

Thomas Dam (15 May 1915 – 12 November 1989) was not very excited about the school, so he was drawing instead. The teacher got angry and took his drawings. But the teacher’s son saw the drawings and told the teacher that the boy had talent.

From that day he was allowed to make his drawings. In the 1930s, Thomas Dam cut his first Gjøl Troll in wood by his own reflection. The Dam family was very poor and the things that Thomas Dam carved in wood were the family's only income. 

Later his imagination and creativity developed to a business adventure with a factory in Gjøl that produced the cheeky, spiky trolls with the colourful hair, also known as Dam Trolls. In the 1960s, the sales grew steadily, and thousands of Trolls travelled into the big world. 


Dam's favorite motifs were Gjøl's population. Dam himself said: “Usually the model does not recognize itself. But so does everyone else on the island ”

Gjøl Trolde

The Troll visits the White House

The Troll has become a symbol of bringing luck and happiness. The Troll was also with the first female pilot, Betty Miller, when she crossed the Pacific Ocean in a small airplane. In 1963, Betty Miller was subsequently invited to meet the President JF Kennedy in the White House, and he asked her, " was it not terribly lonely to fly so far?". For that Betty Miller said: "No, I had my Troll on the journey."

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The Lucky Trolls supports the fight against cancer

Thomas Dam passed away due to cancer in 1989; however, in 2015, he could have celebrated his 100th birthday. 

In the memory of Thomas Dam, there was produced a special anniversary Troll in stained oak with black hair. If you purchased this Troll, you would support the fight against cancer.

So far, it has collected 200.000 Danish kroner to the cancer society.

The production of Trolls stopped at the factory in Gjøl in 2012, but the company Dam Things still exits and is owned by the son of Thomas Dam: Niels Dam. He lives in Southern Europe, but his daughter Laila Dam lives in Gjøl.

Today, the factory has been renovated into apartments. However, there will soon open a Troll Museum in the old factory.

Gjøl Trolde Lucky Trolls

Troll collectors from the whole world

Every year, collectors from all over the world travel to Gjøl to worship their passion for the little creatures, and there is a famous Troll exhibition with rare trolls!  

Today, the Troll looks a little different than the first Trolls that were produced, and you can buy them several places in interior shops all over the country. 

Trolls from Denmark travel to Hollywood

Do you recognize the mentioned Lucky Trolls from a film? Well, there’s a good explanation for that because Lucky Trolls from Gjøl got their very own film. The film is called “Trolls” and made by Steven Spielberg's company DreamWorks. The voices in the American version is delivered by marvellous Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick. 

The first film was in the Danish cinemas in 2016 and in 2020 another Trolls will be published.

Klarborg nisser

Trolls with magic power

According to old tales, the Danish Trolls have magic powers. They love to make you smile and be happy, and some people also claims that Trolls brings you good luck. 

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