Limfjorden Gjøl


In contrast to the roaring North Sea you’ll find the calm Limfjord – The Bay Denmark’s beautiful backyard – which offers an idyllic environment, interesting cultural history, and beautiful natural experiences.

Gjøl Havn

A cosy and maritime atmosphere

The harbour town Gjøl is a pure gem in Denmark and is one of the more popular places to visit. The town is home for the famous Gjøl Troll and offers the historical Gjøl Inn, known from the jagged house ends, charming streets, and a living maritime environment. All of which make up for great experiences for you and your family.


Gjøl Havn

The land of the Limfjord offers nature, interesting cultural history, cosy maritime environments, and local taste experiences.

If you move a bit further away from the harbour area, you’ll find yourself at the Gjøl-Øland dam.

Here, you will discover a wonderful natural area, where you can see Ulvedybet Vildtreservat (a wild reservation) and one of Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark’s 18 wonderful spots in the countryside such as Gjøl Bjerg.

In this place, you’ll find some of the most impressive scenery while enjoying the tranquillity of nature. 

Ulvedybet Vildtreservat Gjøl

To the west of Gjøl, you can explore the cultural history and visit one of Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark’s 18 cultural environments, Oxholm Mill.

The Mill, one of Øland’s proud landmarks, carry much history. Or visit Oxholm Church/Øland Church, which is one of the few churches in Denmark that is privately owned.

Delightful harbour areas and a view of the Limfjord

Attrup Havn is located in beautiful surroundings and has an abundantly bird life on the islets, to the east of Attrup. Attrup lies just about 10km (approx. 6 miles) from the commercial town Brovst.

The town of Attrup is one of the more well-functioning in Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark despite its size.


The pivotal point of many citizens is the charming harbour area with its pleasure boats and lovely eatery, Attrup Havnecafé, with a great view over the Limfjord.


Alsbjerg Bakker Blushøj

In Attrup’s backyard, there is yet another fantastic and incredibly beautiful view of the Limfjord by Alsbjerg Bakker.

This place is also one of Jammerbugten - The Bay Denmark’s 18 wonderful nature spots in the countryside and the cultural environment Hvisselhøj.

If you are heading southwest, you’ll run into Haverslev Havn, located between Attrup Havn and Aggersund. Haverslev Havn is a great harbour, facing the calm Limfjord, and is a popular plant port for yachtsmen.

Kokkedal slot

The cultural treasures in the area

To the north of Attrup, you’ll find the marvellous Kokkedal Slotshotel, where you can experience and discover a real piece of Danish history, reaching back to the thirteenth century. However, today it is a peaceful and remarkable place to stay during your holiday.

You can go through fascinating history at the old railway hotel, Skovsgård Hotel, which is run on socioeconomic conditions.

Herregården Bratskov

If you want to gain an insight into Danish living of that time, then you should visit Herregården Bratskov in Brovst. You can experience the old ways of doing things and craftmanship, when the manor comes alive in the pretty surroundings every summer.

So, there is a rare and calm atmosphere but still exciting things to do in and close to the charming seaports near the Limfjord.

Stay at one of the accommodations in the area or discover the local eateries along the Limfjord to have a great taste experience.